Kackhaufen spray

Item #: 18176

Kackhaufen spray

Tease your surroundings with this disgusting joke article

The Kackhaufen Spray gives you the possibility to leave an unsightly piles and to shake your fellow man deeply.The bad joke article is a nasty April Fool rough Halloween prank or something as crappy it is a for entäuschte lovers who want to do their ex-partner known.

The brown, terribly smelly turd spray sprayed an ornate Kackhaufen that can be draped as dog poop or a human mishap, depending on size.The Kackhaufen spray is how the Dungbombs and the classics - the Whoopee Cushion Novelty Item - To satisfy a great Möglihkeit your gloating.

  • Delivery: 1x Kackhaufen Spray
  • Color: brown
  • Content: 150 ml