Fake Vomit Practical Joke Device

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Fake Vomit Practical Joke Device

Absolutely digusting, our fake vomit!

It's Saturday morning  seven o'clock. You have to go to work and the air in town is filled with a foul smell. Friday night's party goers have been binge drinking again and left the contents of their stomach all over the place. The nasty smell and the looks of a puddle of vomit make you want to throw up as well.

Our Fake Vomit looks so real, you could think think someone puked it up. Fake Vomit is a great practical joke device to disgust your friends. Pu the plastic disc of Fake Vomit somewhere in you flat or on your dinner table for breakfast. You can make everyone guess what the culprit had for dinner. For the ultimate yuck effect, check out our artificial Hundekackhaufen and the Vollgekackte diaper as a joke article and us them together with the fake Vomit.

Material: 100% plastic