Roadkill - Rabbit

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Roadkill - Rabbit

A rabbit poem

This Road Runner went to see his bunny for some honey. Half way there he crossed a road and got run over like a toad. A car squashed our rabbit man and he never made it to his den. His sweet bunny lady still waits for him, thinking of all the joy that might have been.

The Roadkill Rabbit is a cool cuddly toy and a great Halloween decoration for kids. The  lolling tongue, bulging eye and the tire print across his back give you an idea of what happened to our poor rabbit. The rabbit features a zip so you can open his abdomen and pull out his fabric blood and guts. For more gory decorations for children check out the Roadkill Squirrel and the Roadkill - Hedgehog!

Product information:

Material: plush
Colour: grey
Size: approx. 30 cm