Roadkill - Hedgehog

Item #: 20208

Roadkill - Hedgehog

A hedgehog poem about an accident

A hedgehog spiky and nice wanted to be with his wife. He wandered through the wood to be with her for good. But when he crossed a raod, a lorry squashed him like a toad. Lady hedgehog waited for nearly a year then found another ellow so dear. So beware all you little hedgehog men and better stay with your wives in the den!

The Roadkill Hedgehog is a cuddly toy made of plush that makes a cool Halloween decoration for kids. The  lolling tongue, bulging eye and the tire print across his back are prove that this hedgehog got run over for good. The hedgehog features a zip so you can open his abdomen and pull out his fabric blood and guts. For more gory decorations for children check out the Doorstop Bloody Weasel and the Roadkill Squirrel!

Product information:

Material: plush
Colour: brown-beige
Size: approx. 22 cm