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Trick or stinks quite formidable!

If you want you retaliate against unfriendly fellows or even want to annoy someone properly, especially over a longer period, the stink bombs from our assortment are just right.Unlike many other Dungbombs the smell is long lasting and is reminiscent of a warm summer evening in a weeks not emptied compost bin.used in the right place the stench of rotten eggs is maintained for days and calls at many forth a veritable nausea.

Stink bombs - A fun stuff, the stinks

For the attack on the olfactory organs of your fellow human beings on Carnival or Halloween, you can take out of the package and throw them from a safe distance on the floor the stink bombs.The fragile vitreous You can also just trample them under the shoe sole.You should quickly remove yourself from the danger zone and watch from afar, escapes as the other within a few seconds the healthy complexion.Also on outdoor events, schoolyards or in the lively pedestrian street You can do immediately place with the use of stink bombs.For an attack of this kind you put the almost transparent vials on the floor and can safely wait until another crushes the glass.As an immediate fragrance unfolds of each for a long time remains in memory, you recognize the currents apart from the crowds that your attack is successful.By using the stinking glass ampoules at warmer temperatures You produce a more intense effect, so to speak, stinks.

The contents of the vials is not harmful

You need have no fear that the content of the stink bombs is harmful.The extremely smelly liquid is purely organic process and is not harmful.In closed rooms and in vehicles, such as public transport or car of a neighbor, you should see the ampoules terrible bruise.The vials must not be thrown directly at people or animals.Also you should not massage in the mucous membranes, instilled into the eyes or drink the liquid of stink bombs.

  • The stink bombs are not suitable for children under 14 years.
  • Funny revenge for Halloween and early April
  • Content: Per pack 3 pieces