Zombie Cuddly Toy Cat

Item #: 21758

Zombie Cuddly Toy Cat

A super cool cuddly toy for horror fans

Every horror fan has a soft, child-like side that longs for a cuddly friend. This cool zombie cat is the perfect cuddly toy for horror fans and their friends.

The one-eyed cat is an undead feline covered with injuries. A part of the ribcage is visible and a radius is exposed. Despite all the wounds, the cat is soft and cuddly and will love you to rub its neck. The Roadkill Squirrel and the Zombie Teddy Bear are cool undead cuddly toys, too.

  • Includes: one Zombie Cuddly Toy Cat
  • Colour: grey/white/red/black/yellow
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: approx. 30 cm high