The Legend Of Zelda figure DLX

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    The Legend Of Zelda figure DLX

    Imposing action figure of the hero from Hyrule Link

    There are heroes and there are legendary heroes.This one is one of them.Nintendo's greatest fantasy hero Link is always busy his princess Zelda from the clutches of the villainous Ganon freeing.Exalted be stretching out their Steuerkreuz- and ABXY bruised hands after this Legends Of Zelda action figure collectors, supporters and avid gamers the iconic computer game series.Kämpferisch staged deserves this high quality collector's item, a place of honor between your console and game cartridges.

    The great Zelda figure DLX can be moved to arms, legs, head and hands to be put together with shield and sword in scene.The accompanying scabbard is simply attached to the legendary Lind back.The Link figure is about 50 cm tall, like his pixelated model dressed in green.Sword, scabbard and shield have also at various locations on the Triforce emblem.On the blue sign with gray border also the royal arms of Hyrule is displayed.Gamers and computer game fans should pay attention, with us you will also find the licensed Halo 3 Deluxe Costume Medium and the Halo 3 Master Chief Deluxe Helmet from the well-known game series.

    1 x The Legend Of Zelda figure DLX

    • Content: 1 x Link action figure 1 x Sword, 1 x Scabbard, 1 x Shield
    • Colour: green, blue, purple, gray, yellow
    • Size: approx. 50 cm
    • Material: Plastic
    • Premium Link Action Figure
    • Nintendo license Items
    • Seven motion points

    Caution: This item is not a toy.Not suitable for children under 3 years.May contain small parts that could be swallowed - suffocation.Keep away from fire and open flames.