Bad Taste Bear Bursting with Joy

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Bad Taste Bears Bursting with Joy

Poor little zombie bear! He's been roaming around for weeks now, his body's covered with injuries, but he still hasn't found a victim, be it human or animal, to satisfy his hunger for fresh Halloween Decoration Pumpkin 20cm . When he finally got lucky he devoured his prey, nearly out of his mind with hunger. But he needed more. So he found more and more victims and ate them all until his belly burst. Now his Intestines breastplate are hanging out of his belly. What a piece of luck he's a Zombie Baby Lucy bear, otherwise the experience would have killed him. Bad Taste Bears are popular collectibles and cool presents!

The Bad Taste Bears are coming for your brains and pets and now it's finally time for Dawn of the Ted! These polystone figurines stand about 11cm tall and have been a major hit for collectors since they were released in the 90s. Now a deadly virus is spreading and the Dawn of the Ted is inevitable and comes back to you as a cruel zombie.

Material: polystone, size 8-11cm