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Maleficent - the previously unknown history of the iconic witch figure Maleficent from the animated classic "Sleeping Beauty" reveals how Maleficent was so bad and the young baby Aurora cursed.

The magical life of gorgeous young Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) one day will change abruptly when the peace and harmony is threatened by the invasion of an enemy army in the Kingdom. Maleficent tried to defend their country by any means, but a ruthless betrayal begins to transform her pure heart in stone.

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musing evil and revenge she gets involved in a great battle with the Successor of Besatzerkönigs and finally cursed his newborn child Aurora. With the growing Auroras However, Maleficent realizes that the girl is not only the key to peace in the kingdom, but perhaps the key to Maleficent own luck!

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