Situated blurted wound latex wound

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Situated blurted wound latex wound

Fiese Halloween latex application Special Makeup Accessories

Ouch, since the stitches were removed too early and the wound is split open again! Cinematic special makeup must be realistic and believable for horror fans look.Halloween & Zombie Walk are exactly the right time to present the busted wound as latex wound and thus provide for a shock effect.With the really mean-looking latex wound a wound that has been pulled too early the threads, a successful Halloween Special makeup makeup is fast!

The Broken blurted wound latex wound can be for Halloween, Zombie Walk and theme parties alike inserting and can be used with careful use repeatedly.Latex wounds, as the pre makeup latex wound be easily glued with mastic adhesive skin or latex milk, on the previously cleaned with alcohol skin.After fastening the latex application this is adjusted with normal makeup or theatrical makeup, the skin tone around.Additional film blood as our Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml and Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml let the effect still act a lot more dramatic and very realistic.
After use, the latex application, this can be easily peeled off from the skin.Any adhesive residue of mastic and latex milk can be removed quickly with makeup remover, Nagelackentferner or with soap and warm water.The latex application itself, also me free warm water and soap, make-up and make-up, let it dry and protected from the sun keeping.So you can use again and again your Broken blurted wound latex wound.

1 x Broken blurted wound latex wound

  • content : 1 piece
  • color : Skin color / Red
  • size : Ca.16 x 3, 5 cm
  • material : latex
  • Already pre-dyed
  • Reusable
  • Mastic adhesive skin & fake blood not included.