Phantom of the Opera wound

Item #: 12791

Phantom of the Opera wound

Huge scar wound latex as Halloween Make-Up

Halloween and Mardi Gras is the last few years more and more. By really cool makeup and special effects for the Super Scary EventThe imagination knows no limits and the cosmetics industry brings each year to facilitate complete kit on the market for the DIY make-up for Carnival, Carnival and Halloween new special make-up and make-up.An acid or arson attack on her face disfigured not only the phantom of the opera, but this unfortunate victim!

The ultra blatant Phantom of the Opera wound is made of latex and with Mastix spirit gum small (Skin glue) glued to the face with make-up and Film Blood / FX Blood 125ml perfected.The Phantom wound covers the right side of the face.Ingenious is to our SFX Kit accident wounds Schminkset suitable, which includes everything what you need to to shock even really your environment! The acid wound can be removed easily after use and again reused more often.

Mastix spirit gum small and Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml not included.

Scope of delivery : 1x Phantom of the Opera wound

  • Contents : 1x latex application
  • Color : Skin color
  • Material : Latex