Bloody Worms Latex Wounds

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Bloody Worms Latex Wounds

Disgusting worms from a wound as a Halloween makeup

With the Bloody Worms Latexwunde, you become horror events, cosplay and Halloween to a rotten infected person. Wear the fake latex wounds with worms at body sites, B. Neck, arms, or neck, and become the victim of a bestial attack. The latex application for Halloween looks totally realistic and will cause disgust and horror.

The Bloody Worms Latex Wound has a total size of approx. 8 x 4.5 cm. It is already color-coded, but you can use "Filmplut" to make them look even more realistic. 8 x 4.5 cm

  • Material: latex
  • finished color
  • Skin Glue & Filmblut not incl.
  • Perfect for Cosplay & LARP
  • As with any decorative cosmetics, allergic skin reactions can occur in sensitive persons. Therefore, it is recommended that a test be made in the arm flexion before using the product in order to rule out possible allergic reactions. For this, please apply the product on a small area of ​​the arm flexion and approx. Leave in for 30-60 minutes. If an allergic skin reaction occurs, the use of the product is not recommended.