Blind Date wound

Item #: 13628

Blind Date wound

Latex application of a wound showing the gouged eyeballs

struck by blindness because you can say, after the blind date with the pretty blonde that was the end that this has given you scraped out with their sharp claws eyes and you are therefore marked with the pretty Blind Date wound.The Blind Date wound is the perfect Halloween, carnival or Karnvalkostümzubehör for Elle Driver in Kill Bill.The macabre eye wound is awesome thought because good vision is possible!

The sickening Blind Date wound is suitable in professional use for the realistic representation of the accident or as a special effect for Halloween and horror parties alike.The latex application is made of soft pre wore make latex and is with Mastix spirit gum small Which is not adhered to the skin.The Blind Date wound may additionally Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml be perfected from our Horror Shop.

Material: Latex