Moon Elf Ears

Item #: 14092

Moon Elf Ears

Secret-acting, long elf ears a Mondelfe

The mysterious elves carry the burden of a bygone disaster.Scattered across the continents they are still looking verzeifelt the origin of their being - and their home.The moon elf ears are longer than normal elf ears and much sharper cut.The moon elf ears are made of finest latex and glued by means of skin adhesive (mastic) to their own ears.Afterward, the wafer-thin adhesive edges on makeup with makeup.

The elf ears made of latex are very durable and can be used repeatedly with careful use.Other Ausführugen as normal Elf Ears Latex and the Sun Elf Ears there in our webshop.With the Elfenohren any live role players and fantasy fan is fully equipped and the world of hobbits, elves and trolls can come!

  • Delivery: 1x Moon Elf Ears plus skin adhesive
  • Color: Skin color
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: 100% Latex