Gammel teeth joke teeth

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Gammel teeth joke teeth

Fiese unkempt joke teeth as pearly whites

The unkempt Gammel Fun Dentures Dental suit various costumes and horror outfits.Whether, as a zombie teeth to bite Penner, of Hinterweltler biter, goblin tusks and witches RaffzähneThe Economy Gammel teeth are to be able to represent the perfect joke teeth to a wide variety of shapes to Carnival and Halloween!

The joke teeth are made of soft plastic and are easy to put on your own teeth.More Horror teeth as the Betty Girlie teeth and the Promoters teeth you'll find in our shop.The Halloween teeth are available in six different versions disgusting scruffy, let yourself be surprised with what you gum line will be happy.

Scope of supply: 6 x assorted Gammel dental Fun Dentures

  • Color: Rotting
  • Material: Plastic

Warning Warning!
only suitable for use by adults, not toys for children! Not suitable for children under 3 years.Contains small parts which may be swallowed or inhaled.Adult supervision is required.