Big Teeth with Cavity

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Big Teeth with Cavity

Get yourself a million dollar smile!

If you want to turn yourself into a hobo, a wino or a zombie for carnival, best pep up your outfit with these fake rotten teeth and add that authentic touch to your costume. The fun dentures are reusable and are really easy to put on.

The Big Teeth with Cavity look absolutely lifelike and people will defo believe that you have yellowish, rotten teeth with a cavity on the right side. To put on your dentures, all you have to do is take the silicon putty from the two included bags and knead it until it becomes all one uniform colour. Make a roll and  carefully press it  into the dentures until a little silicon comes through the holes in the bottomside of the dentures. Place the dentures straight onto your teeth and press carefully until your teeth touch the plastic. Wait approx. five minutes for the putty to harden, then carefully pull the dentures from your teeth. Match the Tramp Mask with Wooly Hat with your fun dentures for an authentic hobo look!

Product information:

  • Includes: dentures, silicon putties
  • Material: plastic/ silicon


  • Width: . approx. 6 cm
  • Height: approx. 2 cm