Glitter makeup palette Rainbow

Item #: 25729

Glitter makeup palette Rainbow

Rainbow cream makeup with glitter

With the glitter makeup palette of different colors of the rainbow can make up wonderful glittery makeup looks.You can use the cream makeup as eyeshadow.Dieting simply the glitter eyeshadow with any make-up remover.

The glitter makeup palette has 6 different colors, all of which contain a lot of glitter particles.The make-up palette includes the colors violet, pink, blue, yellow, green and white.As a set including a sponge, with which one can apply the colors beautifully.However, you can also use the Schminkfarben Stargazer eye shadow brush or Schminkpinsel Nylon No 16 Apply.

Delivery: 1 x glitter makeup palette Rainbow

  • Content: 1 x Makeup Palette, 1 x sponge
  • Color: violet, pink, blue, yellow, green, white
  • Glitter makeup palette in rainbow colors
Warning: A test for an allergic skin reaction in the elbow is recommended.If you during the test in the crook of your arm to show a violent redness, we do not recommend the use of wax.,