Geisha Make Up Set

Item #: 16067

Geisha Make Up Set

Graceful and mysterious, as a geisha must be

The profession of geisha originated in 17thCentury in Japan.Originally they worked as entertainers for the high society and presented themselves always in elegant silk kimono with white powdered face. Today, geishas as the tea ceremony are regarded as keepers of traditional arts and flawless appearance during a performance is paramount.

With Geisha Make Up Set You can give the mysterious look of a Geisha your SAVED in no time.The make-up set includes a tube of white make-up as a primer, a red cream makeup, a black eyeliner, one each red and black fat make-up stick, an applicator with two Auftragschwämmchen and two Schminkschwämmchen.With the noble Geisha Kimono Costume Red Premium and the matching China Girl Wig Black is the perfect Japanese partner from you.