Colourless Fixing Powder

Item #: 19606

Colourless Fixing Powder

The secret of all makeup artists is Colourless Fixing Powder!

Your styling and makeup are perfect and all you hope for is that your look will last all Halloween night without the makeup running down your face as soon as you shake a leg.  With this Colourless Fixing Powder you are on the safe side! It will give you a perfect matte appearance, set up your makeup and maximize its durability.

Colourless Fixing Powder is the golden ingredient after applying your makeup. The powder comes in a small compact with sponge. Apply a little powder over your horror makeup and face wounds and your Halloween look will last all night long. The handy powder box has the perfect size for a night out. Use this makeup accessory over the Tattoo burn 12 , the Bio SFX Open Burn Wound or the Frankenstein wounds Set 3 pieces and you are ready to rock the next zombie walk, Halloween event or horror themed party!

Includes: powder compact with sponge, contains approx. 5,67 g Colourless Fixing Powder

  • Handy powder box with powder sponge
  • Matte appearance and durability
  • Easy to remove with water and soap