All-Purpose Make Up Black

Item #: 19162

All-Purpose Make Up Black

With this all-purpose makeup you can't go wrong.

Black is beautiful, but it has a mysterious and sinister side to it, too. Zombie, black angel, zebra or skeleton, it doesn't matter which costume you choose, only with the right make-up your look will be complete. The All-Purpose Make Up Black is useful for nearly any kind of makeup, so it should bepart of the basic equipment of any costume fan.

You can paint your entire face black or just single parts, the All-Purpose Make Up Black is as perfect for black foundations as it is for black accents. For bigger areas best use a sponge, e.g. our Makeup sponges / Make Up Sponges , to apply the makeup, for make-up accents we recommend our Make Up Makeup disposable chopsticks . This professional make-up can be used with other classic makeup products such as the Cream Make Up Smear White and the Glitterpuder Silver In The Spreader . Good covering properties and skin tolerance make this makeup a highly popular product.

Contains: 7,08 g

  • long-lastin makeup
  • good skin tolerance
  • easy to wash off

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes!