Hairspray yellow 125ml

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Hairspray yellow 125ml

Hairspray for the charming yellow mane

With the yellow hairspray you emphasize your hair and rundest on Halloween each Schlumpfine- or duck costume from.Yellow is known to the new blonde.

The hair spray yellow 125ml is ideal for quick and easy one-time coloring of one's own mane of hair and is again very easily washed.The spray paint you can style yourself with no residue problems for Halloween.Other great colors and effects as the UV / Blacklight hairspray and the Hair and Body Spray UV White you'll find in our shop.

1 x 125ml hairspray yellow

  • Content: 1 x 125ml hairspray yellow
  • Colour: yellow
  • Amount: 125ml
  • For quietschgelbe hair.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years: Contains fragrances that may cause allergies.Keep away from fire and open flames.