Sclera Contact Lenses Red

Item #: 19601

Sclera Contact Lenses Red

Mind-blowing full eye contacts for devilish red eyes!

Sclera Contact Lenses are 22 mm in diameter andcover the whole of your eye. With these special effect contact lenses you can create fantastic makeup effects as the eyes will look completely different from what we are used to. Sclera Contact Lenses are also known as Full Eye Contact Lenses. With these blood red sclera lenses you can turn your eyes into the devil's eyes and scare the living daylights out of anyone who dares to look at you. The sclera contacts feature a transparent centre for your pupil so your vision will be normal.


Please read the following warnings carefully before using the contact lenses:

  • If you are not familiar with contact lenses, we recommend consulting an optician or eye care practitioner, who will be happy to show you how to insert and remove your contact lenses and look after them correctly. Make sure to have a professional (optician or eye care practitioner) help you when using the contact lenses for the first time.

  • Do not wear the contact lenses over extended periods of time. Do only wear the lenses for a few hours per day, maximum 4 hours per day and do not wear them daily.

  • Incorrect handling of contact lenses can damage your eyes, so make sure that you are perfectly familiar with the handling and care of contact lenses when using them.

  • We recommend you contact an ophtalmologist or optician before ordering contact lenses. He will be happy to provide you with the necessary informations regarding the base curve and water content.

  • If you are a contact lense wearer, we recommend you have our eyes checked by an eye care practitioner at least twice a year.

  • If not adhering to these safety instructions, you do risk permanent damage to your eyes and your eyesight.

  • Not suitable for persons under the age of 16.

Technical data:
- Type: soft contact lenses
- Material: Poly-HEMA
- Base Curve(BC): 11.0 mm
- Diameter (DIA): 22.0 mm
- Sight correction power: no diopters
- Water content: 45%