Mesh contact lenses Black

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Mesh contact lenses Black

These crazy lenses motif you become a real eye-catcher on every occasion

This unusual black color lenses with grid structure complement your gothic look perfectly and bring your fellow man amazed.

The design of this year lenses is a refined grid structure in black.You see of course excellently through this grid through while your viewers probably ask if you can see through this stylish structure anything.The black Eyewear makes it possible and thus offset your enemy certainly amazed.Spread magnetic glances with this grid contact lenses in black and look through these lenses, the Gothic astonished reactions of your viewers.The color lenses complement your gothic look perfect and make you even outside the horror events to absolute eye-catcher.For optimum cleaning and storage of the multifunctional lenses we recommend the Contact lenses liquid .In addition, the eyewear lenses offer optimal wearing comfort.

Additional information (grid contact lenses Black):

  • Contents: 1 pair of soft contact lenses without diopters (without starch)
  • Water content: 38%, ensures high wearing comfort
  • Wearing time: 12 months
  • We recommend a maximum wearing time of 8 hours.every day
  • Not suitable for children under 16 years.
  • Diameter: 14th2 mm, radius: eighth60 mm
  • Packaged in sterile glass vials

Warning: Prior to the first use of the contact lenses exactly the instructions for the use of contact lenses should be studied in general.In open-ended questions or the lowest uncertainty in dealing with the contact lenses of the competent optometrist or ophthalmologist should be consulted in any case.When completely inexperienced customers without prior technical knowledge in handling contact lenses, we do not recommend the use of contact lenses from! We recommend a maximum wearing time of 8 hours.every day.
Not suitable for children under 16 years..