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After all other students have gone through the holidays home, Justine remains all alone back to the sprawling campus. First, she feels free and unobserved. But then she is treated by a gang of violent stranger to fear. The unknowns are hidden behind masks and document their violence and even unscrupulous killings on the Internet.

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Your victims they always give the same name: KRISTY behind which something mysterious seems to be hiding. As the band begins to hunt Justine, the young woman takes refuge in the abandoned library. Can they overcome their deepest fears and avoid being the next Kristy?

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Kristy - from 7 August BluRay and DVD For home theater Home by Kristy on Blu-Ray and DVD we give away courtesy of Tiberius film 5 DVDs of Kristy! To enter the contest, you have to correctly answer the following question only.

What name to give the perpetrator your victims?

Please send us your answer, your complete address and your age with the tag "Kristy Sweepstakes" at

The deadline is 31 August 2014 - Participation from 16 years!

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