The Halloween festivities are approaching, which can increase the mood especially with horror fans - after all there is nothing better than to mix in costume of his favorite horror figure among the party people. We now have a number of new horror movie licensed products with which you'll be the star of any Halloween events. Even as a collectible quality Horror licensed products with their detailed processing are perfect.

Genuine licensed Evil Dead accessories

The Walking Dead-Lizenartikel

The current highlight among horror television series is clearly the zombie epic "The Walking Dead". For all fans of the TV event we have the matching Horror licensed products as diverse zombie masks, costumes and toy guns in assortment. Even more "The Walking Dead" license products, please visit our The Walking Dead License Category

Saw-licensed products for fans of the harder variety

The Saw movie series and the A and O remains under the torture films - from the total of seven parts, we offer numerous blatant masks and accessories with which you can the sadistic Jigsaw make real competition. More original Saw products, please visit our Saw license Category

Official Michael Myers masks and costumes

Halloween would be nothing without the eponymous film classic by John Carpenter. The official masks and disguises in Michael Myers look no horror eye dry - not only right when the original licensed Halloween scalpel is in the eyeball. More licensed Halloween masks and accessories, please visit our Halloween Stock Category

So friends of bawdy theater Entertainment: Accesses, while stocks of Horror ranges licensed products, and proves that you are real genre-lovers!