The Halloween custom "Trick or Treat"

A widespread custom, which especially love the little ones to trick or treat calls.

Little Monsters everywhere

The children dress up as witches, vampires, ghosts and other creatures of the night, go from door to door and shout "Trick or Treat". If then land the awaited Halloween candy in the bag is the child's soul happy - if not funny pranks played. So dear adults - at Halloween always a large stock of Halloween candy have stock!

The origin of the Trick or Treat

This custom, the costuming and collecting candy under threat of strike has its origins in the Celtic tradition of "Cennad y Meirw" - which means "ambassador of death" means. While the rich members of the then Celtic communities prepared feasts to Samhain ( "Halloween"), the poor were masked from house to house to receive alms in the name of all ancestors. You gifts to refuse was regarded as sacrilege and had damage to the home or other possessions result.

Costume Ideas for Trick or Treat

Ideas for scary disguises there are enough, from the little witch, the eerie vampire or the hungry zombie - here at Horror shop. com you can let yourself be inspired and choose the right one for you Halloween costume. And for the parents, we have under the heading Halloween Sweets the corresponding thereto treats for the little monsters.