Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the few festivals that are specifically aimed at children and families, and not as Father and Mother Valentine exclusively with adults - not to mention Carnival and Oktoberfest that and more or less only on the subject of alcohol Besäufnis turn. We have a few Halloween safety tips to keep Halloween remains the great scary fun for all the ghosts, witches and vampires no real nightmare for you.

Halloween safety tips for costumes and makeup

If you select a costume, take distance from panels with for a long train or fringes - so you stay not easily hang anywhere and helps eliminate unwanted, for someone to stand on your train.

Equip your child with a flashlight, glow sticks or led glow sticks out - so they are easier to see at night and in the dark costume. Prima is also reflective buttons, stickers or tapes obtained in the bicycle shop.

Halloween Safety Tips for masks

If children are to wear a mask, the eye opening has to be large enough so that they can see well. Emergency opening of the eyes of Halloween Mask with nail scissors bigger. And generally applies: eyeshadow and makeup is safe for children as a mask!

Halloween Safety Tips Decoration

Dried flowers, corn leaves and normal crepe paper are quickly flammable. Make sure that such decorations are far away from open fire, heaters and lights. It is safest if you choose a battery-powered lighting for your pumpkin and your Halloween lantern and renounce real candles. If use real candles you do, and there are children in the vicinity, it is absolutely necessary, this can be observed again!

In real flame, it is necessary that pumpkins, lanterns and other decorations are still widely used by combustible materials, people or buildings. If it was supposed to come to a fire time, this can not spread as quickly. Situated at popular and easily visible place a fire extinguisher handy!

Halloween Safety Tips General

Explains your children that they should keep away from naked fire and flames, and that if her costume times but should catch fire, it is best immediately throw himself to the ground and roll back and forth until the flames are smothered. In no case the children should run and thus additionally produce wind that fuels the flames.

Keep all exits and emergency exits necessarily devoid of decoration, so they adjust not miss the chance to escape! If you celebrate than in your own house, apartment or land elsewhere, ensures that did you go from the beginning familiar with the exits and escape routes of the foreign location.

For the children: accept candy from strangers just at the front door and never go into the home of unknowns.

For the adults: Examine all the collected candy and sweets, bring the kids, and then decide whether they are appropriate for them. Small candies can eg be swallowed by young children and it threatens suffocation. again Other sweets contain alcohol, which for children should be absolutely taboo.

Comes with these Halloween safety tips safely through the night,

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