Black Gloss Jeans

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Black Gloss Jeans

For Fans of SM and fetish a great black gloss jeans with a tight fit hipster cut.

Fetish and SM without the right fasion is a NO GO! It's getting more interesting, when you wear Gloss Jeans. Even gothics or cyber goths wearing them for the perfect style.

The Black Gloss Jeans is made like a five pocket jeans. With a generous cut it fits for men and women. The inside is smooth and soft - so you don't have to sweat so much. In the front is a zipper to close the jeans and the bags are enhanced with rivets. The Black Gloss Jeans is unisex.

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Material: 80% polyurathane

              20% polyester

waist size S = 30

                  M = 32

                   L = 34

                 XL  = 36

              XXL  = 38

leg length inside: ca.90cm