Heartless Hoodie Served

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Heartless Hoodie Served

Creepy Heartless Hoodie Served with Jason Vorhees and the just by him killed Chipmunks on it.

This Heartless Hoodie isn't for sissies. Printed on the front is a horror scene with Jason Vorhees and the Chipmunks. Jason just killed the sweet Chipmunks and served them on a tray as a dessert. Now you know why it's called "Served". What a crazy scene and again it's from Heartless.

With this Heartless Hoodie everybody will recognize you. The scary theme is a real eyecatcher. Where do you see Jason killing the Chipmunks and serving them as sweets? On the big front print is Jason, his victims on a tray and this weapon - a bloody machete. On the back is a small print with two crossed machetes. Of course they are covered with blood too.

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