Heartless T-shirt Zombie Bambi

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Heartless T-shirt Zombie Bambi

Cool Heartless shirt yucky horror print!

Our Heartless T-shirt is a macabre Funshirt in the style of the trendy Cupcake Cult shirts.But by Heartless we get to see more cruel motives, as this Zombie Bambi with his "friends".The bloodthirsty deer makes the Gothic dud into a true horror shirt, you can also super wear for Halloween.This creepy men's shirt you show openly that you're zombie fan and you no subject is too cruel.

The Heartless T-Shirt is a black T-shirt with double-sided print.On the front a zombie Bambi can be seen, which has also transformed his animal friends in the undead.The Blue Rabbit blood to head, mouth and stomach, the skunk hang the intestines from the abdomen.The white inscription "Heartless" makes the subject completely, because heartless this kind of humor is definitely.On the back will be performed down the separated Rehkopf, which was apparently shot in the head.Due to this disgusting Heartless T-shirt, there is the Heartless Hoodie Served and the Men`s knee-length skirt With which you make your outfit complete horror.

Information about the Heartless T-Shirt:

- Black Men Shirt
- Large-scale print on the front
- Small print on the back
- Theme: Zombie Bambi and Friends
- Material: 100% Cotton