Zombie Pirate Patches

Item #: GO 1531

Zombie Pirate Patches

Horror patch in the trendy Pirates of the Caribbean style!

The creepy zombie pirate on this pirate patch has a bloody dagger in his mouth and an eye patch on his rotting face.The skull looks great as Iron-on combat slot or as a fabric patch on clothes.Full Fluck the Caribbean like you Spice up with this pirate patch on not only clothes.

This pirate patch shows a skull, which must have seen a lot in his pirate life.The bloody dagger in his mouth, the eye patch on an empty eye sockets, the pirate hat on a bald skull had become.If you want nich have such a cool zombie pirates on his belongings? The patch can be ironed, sewn or otherwise attached.In keeping with the pirate patch, there is the Pirates Patch , The Patches skull sailor and many other exceptional Bügelbilder.

Measurements:6 x 7.5 cm