Steampunk monocle with chain

Item #: 8801632

Steampunk monocle with chain

Fancy Necklace with tasteful Monokelanhänger

The noble monocle was once considered a status symbol in the society and gehoberen was used as an elegant visual aid.The Steampunk necklace has the tasteful Zwicker as pretty trailer, highlighting the Steampunk look.The Steampunk Necklace also fits great Gothic fashion and streetwear.

The Steampunk necklace is approx37-43 cm long and has an approx. 9 cm monocle pendant with a small rod to hold.An extension chain the length of the link chain can be adjusted indiviuell.To do this you can use the Steampunk Dress Knielang and the Steampunk blouse with lace combine.

  • Scope of delivery: 1 Steampunk monocle with chain
  • Color: messingfarben
  • Size: approx. 9 cm
  • Length: approx. 37-43 cm
  • Extension chain
  • Snap hook closure