Red Satin Jacket Size S

Item #: GO 1489 S

Red satin jacket Gr.S

Who wants to attract attention of course, has the red Collage jacket in 50s style .The Rockabilly Jacket has two embroidered swallows, the typical symbol of freedom and rebellion on the front page.On the back is still a banner with a sword to see the typical Oldschool Tattoo look are high-quality embroideries.The Oldschool Jacket is made of faux silk and the sleeves are just 3/4 length so that the cool, casual Rockabolly look also acts correctly.So you your Rockabilly outfit perfektionierst, are available to fit the Black and Red Polka Dot Dress S .Now you're ready for the next Rockabilly Festival .

Gr.S Material: 100% Polyester