String Tights

Item #: 660071

String Tights

Sexy pantyhose hole in the punk style!

This in itself is a string tights opaque tights, but only on the sides, because the fabric seems like torn front and back.How thin black see are the strings on your skin and transform your legs into a bondage scenario.The Punk tights fits many outlandish outfits and jazzes them on.

With this string tights you have a great Gothic accessory that super also arrives at Punks and Emos.Tendon-like hole these tights are made and emphasizes your legs.Ideally, however, it works with high-heeled shoes, such as the Inamagura Block Heel Brogues and a sexy Bondage skirt with satin ribbons black-red .The black tights are opaque on the sides, front and rear, the cords directly on the skin.Also to Zombie costumes to make this part just fine, because scraps are used for horror fans always well received.

Size: One Size

Material: 90% nylon and 10% elasthan