Cybergoth Gas Mask

Item #: 660004

Cybergoth Gas Mask

Black protective mask by Poizen Industries for eye-catching cyber outfits!

This gas mask is the perfect accessory for cyber outfits. Cybergoths often wear extravagant accessories like gas masks, respirators or goggles  to emphasize their distinctive style. With this Fukushima-style protective mask you can defy whatever's in the air. Use this mask and some gothic clothing to create a cool cyber outfit for parties and events like the WGT.

Even though this mask is not suitable to protect you from toxic gas or smoke and the radioactive air in Fukushima, it still is a visual highlight for any gothic outfit. The mask is black and features an adjustable black elastic starp to guarantee perfect fit.The respirator features valves for easy and unrestricted breathing. To underline the style of your gas mask and to beat the look of the other cybergoths, we recommend you match it with some more cyber accessories like our Cyberlox Red and cool Poizen Fashion Steampunk Goggles!

Material: plastic

Caution! Warning!
This gas mask is a mere fashion accessory and in no way a real protection against any kind of fumes or the like!