Skull with Tarantula

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Skull with Tarantula

Shock your parents-in-law with an extravagant table decoration!

The skull is the symbol for death and a sign for danger to life. While the soul is said to be immortal, the skull reminds us of our mortality - which  makes it the perfect table decoration to send a non-verbal message to your annoying parents-in-law during the next family dinner.

The skull features deep black eye sockets, broken teeth and distinctive cheek bones. A big tarantula is sitting on its skullcap. The skull is made of polyresin with a flat bottom side. The bottom side of the chin is covered with a velvety fabric, so prevent the skull from sliding across smooth surfaces. This skull with spider is the perfect accessory for all fans of macabre decorations. Great for Halloween or ghost parties or spooky theme events.  In our shop you will find lots of other scary decorations such as the Bleeding Candles 2PCS and the Grim Reaper on grave stone or the Falling haired orange spider.

Product information:
  • Skull with Tarantula
  • Material: polyresin
  • Dimensions: approx. 11 cm x 10 cm x 13 cm ( length x width x height)

Includes: 1 decorative skull with spider
Caution: Purely for decoration purposes!