Cane scorpionfish

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Cane scorpionfish

Elegant, heavy walking stick with dragon head as Gothic Costume Accessories

The unusual walking stick with dragon head ensures a costume accessory for attention.Whether you wear the walking stick to a Gothic outfit or a chic Halloween costume, with the walking stick you possess a status symbol.Count Dracula or the fine Jack the Ripper, each of the men could be called a walking stick with dragon head his own.

The heavy dragon head of the cane and the ornate end is made of polyresin with metal coating, thus ensuring the heaviness of the cane.A rubber plug ensures at the bottom for protection and slip resistance.The cane dragon head has a length of ca.94 cm.,

1 x walking stick scorpionfish

  • Color: Silver black
  • Length: approximately94 cm
  • Dragon Head: H 13.5 x W 4 x L 18 cm
  • Material: Wood / polyresin