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Frankenstein Super Warriors!

Figures that do not exist in his worst nightmares. Only a totally sick mind could have devised this Ungeheur of human parts and killing machines.

A call for help has led a small force of Russian troops to the Ostrfornt. But instead of wounded comrades find it bizarre body parts and skeletons, half human, half machine. The further they move into the old building, the more packs the men icy fear. Something ghastly must have happened here. And suddenly fall fearsome creatures of Dr. Frankenstein upon them! A quick death would be a deliverance from this bloody hell, but the mad doctor has other plans with the soldiers. He needs fresh human material for his creatures ...

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Contest to "Frankenstein's Army":

Suitable for DVD & BluRay Start on 24/9/13 we raffle among all ricthigen submissions 1 of 10 DVDs and 10 Blu-Rays of Franksensteins Army to the winners! All you have to do to enter the contest, the following question correctly to answer: (! Participation from 18 years)

What is the name of the author or the author of the original Frankenstein novel?

a) Mary Shelley
b) Edgar Allan Poe
c) HP Lover Craft

The competition is closed.

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