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Raffle for movie start of Dracula Untold

Have always been the dark questions about Dracula, one of the most mysterious legends of history unanswered. Visually stunning and extraordinary special effects encounters Dracula Untold beyond recorded by Bram Stoker legend to the historical origins of the infamous Romanian prince Vlad III. Dr Culea? Before. Dracula Untold now told at last the life story of the bloodthirsty ruler of Transylvania, of the invading Ottomans in the Principality of Wallachia rendered fierce resistance in the 15th century.

Dracula Untold raffle at Horror-Shop.comDracula Untold raffle at Horror-Shop.com

Dracula Untold Movie Trailer

Dracula Untold raffle at Horror-Shop.com

To the film Home of Dracula Untold on 2 October 2014, we are giving away 3 ingenious fan packages each consisting of 1x Dracula Untold movie poster and 1x Dracula Untold Fan T-shirt. To enter the contest you have to answer the following Frag:

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