The Vatican Tapes Sweepstakes

After winning primetime programming including the US version of "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" takes director Troy Miller with "deadbeat" Now the world of the dead on the grain. Now finally comes on 08.20.2015, the German version of the first season on DVD and Blu-ray on the home video market!

Actually, Kevin Pacalioglu (Tyler Labine), a perfectly ordinary guy who only too happy to escape the daily grind by cannabis use. But his special gift - to occur as the medium of dead people in contact - opens him the opportunity to make fast money. Finally, the dead have some unfinished business with the living, where Kevin and mate Roofie (Brandon T. Jackson) assist for cash. While at the beginning of everything is going well, is Kevin's female counterpart - the medium Camomile White (Cat Deeley) - increasingly a spoilsport ...

"The Big Lebowski" meets "Ghostbusters"

In "Dead Beat" go crude gags and lovable characters hand in hand, which does not last so well thanks to the charismatic protagonists. Tyler Labine as Kevin Pacalioglu speak of "Big Lebowski" of the supernatural and the crazy minds are strongly reminiscent of good old "Ghostbusters" times. For fans quirky humor and amusing entertainment, the TV highlight of the US is therefore more than worth a look!


"Deadbeat" raffle for German DVD and Blu-ray Release

The Vatican Tapes - Raffle for theatrical release For DVD and Blu-ray release of "deadbeat" on August 20, we are giving away 2 x 1 DVD and 2 x 1 Blu-ray of season 1 of the cult comedy series. To enter the contest, you have to correctly answer only the following question:

What science fiction film "Deadbeat" -Hauptdarsteller Tyler Labine plays the zookeeper Robert Franklin?

Please send us your answer with the tag "Deadbeat lottery" to

The deadline is the 08.28.2015

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