The Orphan Killer

Officially licensed The Orphan Killer merchandise for your Halloween entrance in a gory serial killer outfit!

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Licensed The Orphan Killer masks

Horror masks from The Orphan Killer

If you like it bloody like in terms of films, comes the brutal slasher "The Orphan Killer" is not over - and certainly not to the quality Orphan Killer latex masks which we have in store especially for friends firmer horror fare in our assortment!

Official The Orphan Killer Masks as Halloween Disguise

If you want to stand out among all the Halloween Freddy, Jason and Michael, our Orphan Killer masks just right for you - in this costume you become the slasher character with unique selling point!

The Oprhan Killer masks as collectibles

Not only as a scary Halloween & Carnival disguise, but also as a high quality collectable, the ingenious Orphan Killer masks are ideal - troubled your friends using the coarse Merchandise of grisly horror film as decoration in your home.

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