The Goon

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Licensed The Goon Masks

The Goon Masks from Eric Powell's cult comic

In the award-winning comic book series "The Goon" is the title hero and his faithful companion Franky put in their role as debt collector of Mafia with evil villains and supernatural creatures.Eric Powell's wacky comic pleasure relies on hard-hitting action and quirky characters.With the official The Goon Masks we have now use the most suitable merchandise in the online shop!

Cool as The Goon Masks Halloween costumes

The protagonist of "The Goon" must fight against zombies, ghosts and aliens - thus the The Goon masks the perfect costume to on the next Halloween party to go on ghost hunting to teach so even the undead fear.

Official The Goon masks as collectibles

Fans of the wacky world of Goons no longer need to wait for an ingenious merchandise: With our licensed The Goon latex masks you can decorate the home with a high quality items!

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