Here you will find officially licensed Popeye ostumes for the entire famil - order now in our online shop!

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Licensed Popeye Costumes

Popeye costumes for comic fans

The spinach fetishist Popeye is one of the big cartoon classics - ultimately every child knows the sailor-muscleman.With the licensed Popeye costume you too can attend Halloween & Carnival in the footsteps of the sailor with the whistle.

Official Popeye & Olivia Costumes

Behind every strong man is a strong woman.For all ladies who feel addressed them, we have the original Olivia costumes online shop in stock for the next carnival party.

Popeye costumes for young and old

Even children can dress up with our licensed Popeye costume at carnival in the style of their strong role model - the muscular arms up to the white Seemanshut keep the Popeye costumes exactly the original.

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