Sexy Amazon Costume

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Sexy Amazon Costume

Ingenious warriors costume for carnival and theater

The fabled Amazons from Greek and Roman mythology were a matriachalischer tribe of warlike women.With their armor and armed with sword and bow and arrow, they were so afraid that their tribal area were shunned by other warriors.

Amazons costume in a class! The sexy Amazons costume is held in the Knight Armour metal look, however, is completely made of latex and therefore bear no risk of injury.The costume consists draw from including armor rock armor breastplates, gauntlets and cotton clothes for.A truly eye-catcher, ideal for live role players, Amazon, and female fighter like Xenia.You want you properly arm themselves with a Bloody Pirate Machete or Barbarian Sword - Check out our online offering.

Sword not included.

Material 100% polyester, latex application and armor Latex