Werewolf Costume Deluxe

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Werewolf Costume Deluxe

You've been feeling a little weird all along. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to take the shortcut through the little forest. Slowly the full moon comes out from behind that big cloud. Well at least you can see something, now. All of a sudden you hear a sound behind you. No, nothing there. When you feel its hot breath on your neck, you know it is too late. A massive werewolf has been following you all the way and before you can even open your mouth to scream, he has already ripped your throat and started to eat you alive.

Thanks to Underworld and the Twilight movies werewolfs and vampires are totally en vogue and therefore a great theme for Halloween and horror parties. In professional ghost rides this complete werewolf costume is very appreciated, too, to scare the customers a little. This extra cool Werewolf Costume Deluxe consists of  plush trousers with worked hind legs, a plush shirt, a matching latex mask and gloves with plush trimmings. This absolutely fantastic wolf costume has an attched wolf tail with a wire inside that makes more rigid. Now rock the night with the Fullmoon Killer Wolf Costume Gr. M / L and the Alpha Werewolf Mask .

Size: L, German size 42-46

Material: 100% polyester and latex