vampire gentleman

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vampire gentleman

Beautiful vampire costume in elegant style the 20th century.century

The flamboyant vampire Count costume consists of black trousers and the associated shell, from its sleeve white lace fabric emerges.In addition, the vampire costume includes a white Fakehemd lacing at the back with a high white collar and a fine lace jabot.

With a red Velvet belt the great vampire costume will set a colorful highlight and as a final accessory has our vampire gentleman lining a gray scarf.The finishing touches for your vampire gentleman outfit, check out our Horror Shop depicts that Hat black and the Cane skull tower handle ,

  • Delivery: 1x Vampire Gentleman
  • Color: Black-and-white
  • Size: M / L
  • Material: 100% Polyester
    Size: M corresponds to ca.52 L corresponds to ca.54
    Dimensions shell
    Waist size:
    Seat size:
    Sleeve Length:
    Total length costume:

    approx. 120 cm
    approx. 122 cm
    approx. 122 cm
    approx. 69 cm
    approx. 134 cm

    approx. 134 cm
    approx. 128 cm
    approx. 126 cm
    approx. 74 cm
    approx. 132 cm
    Dimensions pants
    Waist size:
    Seat size:
    Total length trousers:

    approx. 76-92 cm
    approx. 96 cm
    approx. 104 cm
    approx. 78 cm

    approx. 82-104 cm
    approx. 112 cm
    approx. 111 cm
    ca 81 cm