Superman Muscle Costume

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Superman Muscle Costume

Superman, one of the most famous comic book heroes from the Marvel series.

His Superman Muscle Costume remained largely despite its 60-year history through the years the same.A blue suit with the stylized Superman symbol, complemented by red Pants, red boots, a yellow belt and a long red cape.The Superman Insignia - consisting of a big red S? surrounded by a yellow sign with a red border is probably all be known.The seemingly in early adventures as a medieval family crest Supermansymbol been through the years always more modern and larger until the late nineties almost spanned the entire breast.

According Superman of Martha Kent tailored, as she developed a super onesie for the growing Clark because selling clothing was repeatedly destroyed while playing.The three blankets - one red, one blue and one yellow in which the young Superman was wrapped when he reached Earth in his rocket, were abolished by the Kents foresight and processed by Martha for costume.Years later they changed the costume in its present form.

The Superman Muscle Costume consists of stretch suit, belt, Fußstulpen and cape.Very impressive is the Superman Muscle Costume Because his typical abdominal, chest and upper arm muscles are incorporated in the elastic blue catsuit.Available in the Gr.M.The Superman Muscle Costume usually fit up to a size of 180cm and 85kg.Please also note our other comic book superheroes Batman Latex Costume DLX and Black Spiderman DLX Costume ,

Material: 95% polyester 5% elastane