Ribcage Bone Shirt

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Ribcage Bone Shirt

The dead come back to life!

The dead rise from their graves and walk the earth in search of human flesh and blood. They grind their teeth and rattle their bones and whoever they have fed on will turn into an undead being himself, condemned to lust for human flesh. 

The Ribcage Bone Shirt with 3D latex detail is a top-quality longsleeve made with lots of attention to detail. This top is the perfect outfit for any Halloween party! The black shirt features a rotten and partially broken latex ribcage with a piece of backbone visible at the bottom end. Pair this top with our Walking Dead Zombie Mask Split Head and the Witches hands made from latex and your undead look will be complete!

Product information:
Material: 50 % cotton, 50 % polyester, 3D latex detail
Colour: black/grey

Size XL:
total length: approx. 73,5 cm
shoulder width: approx. 51 cm
sleeve length: approx. 65 cm
chest width: approx. 52 cm
collar width: approx. 65 cm
3D ribcage: approx. 32x30 cm