Punk Waistcoat Black XL

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Punk Waistcoat Black

Hey Ho, punks, Let's Go!

Punk subculture emerged emerged in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia in the mid-1970s. Punk subculture seeks to outrage others with provoking outfits and hairstyles, a rebellious attitude and non-conformist behaviour. The most famous punk band were the Sex Pistols and their legendary album "Never Mind the Bollocks".

With our Punk Waistcoat Black you can paint the town red and shock your neighbourhood. The punk waistcoat is a one-piece top which has to be put on like a jumper. What in reality in one piece of clothing looks as if you were wearing a mesh top under a leather waistcoat. The black faux  leather vest has two small studded pockets and studs along top half of the front. Make your Halloween costume look even more non-compliant by adding the Punk teeth joke teeth and the Mohawk Punk Wig green to your order!

Material: 100 % polyester