Käpitan Quinn pirate costume

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Käpitan Quinn pirate costume

Become the noble Kapitänskostum leader of the dreaded pirates

The privateer and pirate Captain Quinn sets despite his audacity worth to dress smartly.With its elegant appearance and its gallant way he broke the hearts of the dozen ladies and manages to always give the impression of a harmless trade captain at his pursuers before the opponents have seized on his signal.

The noble Captain Quinn costume consists of black velvety jacket which is richly decorated with brocade cuffs, gold braid and buttons, the attached brocade waistcoat and white collar with jabot, trousers, the boot tops leatherette and the trident in leatherette with gold braid ornament.

  • Material: Costume: 100% polyester, boot covers and hat: 100% synthetic leather
  • Size: M / L

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The costumes of the Premium Collection distinguished by high quality out.The fabrics used are valent and heavy, there coming materials such as rayon, velvet, brocade, chiffon, tricot and lace are used which are decorated partly richly embroidered with beautiful colored bands and they are closed with proper zippers or buttons.